PR Samples Disclaimer

As of July 2012 all PR samples sent to me to be featured on this blog, wether it is by review or just a some photos will be marked with an (*). I only accept samples that I feel will fit in with the content that is on my blog or if I see that it is something that I might love and so will my beautiful Rossette's.

I will never claim to like a product or sugarcoat a review just because the items were sent to me free of charge. I want you to know that you can trust my reviews as I will be 100% honest with everything I think in regards to the products.  This also applies to products I have bought with my own money where I feel like you need to know about this so you don't spend your money on something that is not worth it! Now that this is clear, I hope you guys find my reviews helpful and entertaining and hopefully it sheds some light on a product you have been feeling undecisive about! 

Sponsored Post Disclaimer

I will be frank with you, I am yet to recieve my first sponsored post, but I just wanted to assure you that when I am offered a sponsored post, I will only accept sponsored posts that I think are fitting with my blog content or I feel would have some relevance to a point I have tried to make prior or something like that! In this case, these will be marked with 'Sponsosered Post' at the end of the post. Once again I will always be 100%  honest with my opinions on these products as I wouldn't want my content to be misleading for my readers. If I have been paid to review something that I end up disliking, then I will tell you why I dislike it. However, bare in mind that everyones opinions are different due to their own preferences, therefore I just ask for everyone to keep and open mind and not be judgey about it. 

If you are a company and you would be interested 
in collaborating with In The Rose, then please
contact me regarding PR sample and Sponsored
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Content on In The Rose

All content shown on In The Rose is original, this includes images, opinions and ideas. If otherwise, it will be stated underneath the image or beside the opinion or idea, stating where it is taken from. If you would like to use any of my images for your own purpose, I would appreciate it if you would contact me, just so I am aware of this and I would appreciate it if you could also state that the image, idea of opinion was taken from In The Rose.

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