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Friday, 30 December 2016

Hello my Rosette's

For a while now I haven't done a favourites post on either beauty, fashion or other things and I think that is because I have forgotten to take time to really appreciate the things I have been enjoying so far this year, therefore, today's post is going to be a collective of all the things I've been enjoying this autumn, covering beauty products, some fashion statement pieces and some lifestyle bits and bobs. Don't forget to share what you've been loving this autumn too!

~~~ BEAUTY ~~~

Starting with beauty there are just a couple of products I can say I turn too all the time and I feel like my Benefit Fakeup Under Eye Concealer which works wonders! The inner section of the product is the actual concealer and around it is a hydrating formula which helps fill in the little wrinkles under your eyes and allows the concealer to sit above those lines, it also keeps your eyes super hydrated throughout the day, which is an actual life saver for me as my eyes tend to water a lot in the cold and with all the wiping and rubbing, the skin can get very sensitive and dry.
Secondly, I would say my Davidoff Cool Water For Women Perfume which I walk around with in my handbag at all times because it smells so rich and sweet. Just always a good call when you need a little freshening up throughout the day!
Lastly would be my L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream which smells insanely sweet, just like Cherry's. I bought this when I went to Paris two years ago and used it so much there that the scent always takes me back and there is no greater feeling than being transported down memory lane because of a smell. In this cold weather, my hands tend to dry up a lot more now so I tend to always have it with me too.

~~~ FASHION ~~~

For my fashion pieces I would have to say is my Pink Topshop Jumper (or smiliar). This jumper is amazing to layer and pair with some washed out black jeans and some cute booties!
This favourite is something that I haven't actually purchased yet but it is on my Christmas list and that is the Noble Black and Gold Mid Heel Kurt Geiger Booties *she prays that her boyfriend is reading this post* These would be perfect to pair with the pink jumper from above!


Lastly for a lifestyle updated favourites I would have to include this song that I have been absolutely LOVING which is Still Falling For You by Ellie Goudling. It is always blaring in my car... Yes, that's how much I am loving it at the moment.

Which brings me onto my next favourite, my Fiat 500 which is so cute and cosy.. I guess that's the selling point of that car. The most amazing feeling in the mornings is knowing that you don't have to wait at the bus stop or run for the bus in that case and just being able to walk to your drive way and getting into your car and only having to deal with the cold for the first two minutes whilst the car heats up! Literal life saver.
Now, as a new driver I don't necessarily know my way around very well, so I use this super amazing app called WAZE which is always up to date with traffic reports and always sends you through the quickest routes! Trust me, it has saved me so much time, of which I could have potentially been sitting in traffic.
Lastly, I made a bet with my boyfriend that I would be able to finish the whole Harry Potter book series before the New Years and so far I am loving the stories so much. Its amazing how much detail a movie adaption can miss out on.


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