How I Get Inspired || 2016

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Hello my lovely Rosette's, sorry I've gone AWOL recently. 

For a little while now I have been feeling really demotivated with my blog. Feeling it lacks in potential and that it isn't interesting anymore, but I love this online home I've created way to much for me to just give up on it, so I researched. I done lots and lots of research, searching for ways to get this blog to the highest standard I can. 

I feel its fair to say that the year is coming to an end, everyone has worked extremely hard this year and this year has definitely been eventful. So yes, I got tired. So I found a couple of new blogs who were really inspiring, one of them being Thumbelina Lillie, In The Frow and many others. So here are the things that have helped me gather my strengths and get inspired to create. 

For a while now I have felt that In The Rose needs a new look and I have been searching hugh and low on Etsy for templates that I feel fit with the theme of this blog. I have had my heart set on one for the past couple of months, just haven't got round to purchasing it or setting it up yet but this is definitely an aim for 2017!

I have also set myself some tasks to do and attempted to set up a schedule for my week, to make it easier to incorporate blogging into my daily life! Some of the tasks I have set for myself is create a media kit, send it to companies I would like to work with and promote In The Rose as much as humanly possible!

Discovering new blogs and planning future content has been something that has opened my mind to a whole new world! There is so much that can be shared here and I never even realised!

I hope you guys stay tuned and enjoy this journey with me!

Lots of Love, A .x


  1. So I want to start a blog but am torn on what to write on! I teach kids dance do I love kids but I also love fashion and cooking! I looked at a few blogs you had as examples and some touched on all three things! Could I possibly do that also? Access the deep web Best Questions to ask a girl watch free movies online Sports Streaming sites

    1. Of course you can! Anything is possible if you just work hard and have fun with what you're doing!


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