Meeting Blogger Friends

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Hello my Rosette's. How you doing?

So, recently,  I have had the pleasure of "meeting" blogger friends... Meeting is in " " simply because these lovely ladies have been my friends for ages, however, never had we ever been at an event as bloggers all together and honestly, it was so amazing! Being able to experience something that you so much enjoy and being able to share it with friends who view it the exact same way! 

As it was the first time I had physically been around other bloggers, so much was spoken about, such as oppurtunities, ideas and planning so many things. So I'm so excited I have all these people to share all of this with and then to be able to share it with all you beautiful viewers. So here is to new beginnings, new friendships and new adventures to come! *holds up a cup of hot chocolate*

(Sorry the images are a little blurred out)

Lots of Love, A .x

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