Portimao by Day & Night

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Hello my lovely Rosette's.

Education has knocked on the front door for some of us already, and for others maybe in the next two weeks or so.. Therefore, this is the best time to reflect on your summer holidays and see just how much fun you really had! So here's a couple of snippets of Portimao, where I spent the most relaxed week of my year so far along side my better half. I hope you enjoy!

I had such a good time at Algarve, Portimao, these pictures were literally taken the night before we were due to leave and the morning we left. But don't be fooled, it was like this everyday. The morning was peaceful and then the streets would be thriving with people in bikini's and beach bags, heading down for a morning at the beach, with their loved ones or heading for some breakfast. In my opinion, the best place to go was this bakery which made bread stuffed with chorizo and they were always freshly baked and so warm when it came round to eating it!

Throughout the night, these streets became packed with people heading out for a drink at the bar, or going to dinner with family, or even just shopping at the local stores...That's another thing that surprised me... Everywhere is open until midnight, at times even longer! The night before we were due to leave our safe haven, we went for a stroll on the beach (a first for me) and it was just purely peaceful... The fact we left that for the last night made me regret not doing it everynight! We walked so much and we didn't even notice and we passed so many beautiful places and saw so many happy faces!

Where did you go this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of Love, A .x

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