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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Hello my Rosette's. Hope you're all doing well.
Today's post is going to be some sort of a conjoined post with "The Evolution of In The Rose" post that I wrote a couple of days ago, which you can read here. I hope you enjoy!

I feel like a lot of the time people ask me, why did I choose In The Rose, and when that is asked,  I kind of stutter because I feel like no one else will understand the reason because its something that signifies a personal presepective. Therefore, I have decided to write this post hoping that if I am asked this question again in the future, I can just revert them to this post and they will understand where I am coming from. So here goes.

A rose is a wild and beautiful flower in my mind. If you look at it properly you'll see the faint details within the petals, a mystery. A flower that protects itself with its thorns. An independant flower, one that looks good in a bouquet and one that can stand alone and still take your breathe away. None the less, probably my favourite flower in the world. But it isn't just any coloured rose. Its those roses that start off with a pale pinkish colour and when the petals are fully formed, it has a white bottom. These I feel have a story to tell. A journey hidden in its colour. Due to that, I can't help but think that a beautiful flower that protects itself is strong enough to overcome all odds. This is reason number one to choosing the name 'In The Rose'.

Have you ever watched the movie Thumbelina? As a child that was one of my favourites. I was mesmerised by a little human girl being born out of a flower and I always wondered how could something so small and fragile come from something so beautiful and strong (being the flower). Thumbelina was always safe within her flower and she could find comfort in it. That counsoled me. 

Therefore, since then, I have always thought of a rose being my safe haven. Whenever someone gets me roses or even if I buy them myself, I will always  keep them in my room (which isn't normally what I'd do with other folwers, I'd just have them in the living room decorating) feeling like they would protect me if any 'emotional' harm would ever get to me. This probably doesn't make any sense to all of you, therefore a simple way of describing it would be by telling you to think of something you had, done or saw as a child that really engraved a special message in your memories and apply it to your everyday life. Now does it make sense? 

I'm safe in my rose and with my roses.
Lots of love, A .x

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