Vacation Diary Edition One: Algarve Day Three & Four || 2016

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Hey my Rosette's!
Just another sunny day here, whats it like where you are?

Sorry yesterday I didn't post any updates. I just thought I'd do day three and four together as they were very chilled days, so here's your update my beautifuls!

Day Three: 08.08.2016

Like any other day, today was a very chilled day. However, unlike any other day, my boyfriend and I decided to have a little lay in and only ended up waking up at 12pm... Whoops! I didn't do much when I woke up, just decided to tidy the room a little as it was looking a little hectic. Who knew living in a hotel room for a week could be so messy lol! We then went to have lunch with Joe and his family at this lovely, hidden family orientated restaurant named Ze Luis Grelhados. The food there was so delicious. They forgot my starters but because the main meal came and smelt so divine, I forgot all about my starters lol. After that outstanding meal we all went to the local Shopping Centre called AQUA Shopping Centre to get some food and our wifi kanguru... FINALLY! Anyways, we ended the afternoon with a little swimming session at the Oasis Resort and then dinner near our hotel... Which surprisingly the food was pretty amazing! Like I said, very chilled day and honestly I wouldn't of had it any other way as the past two days have been so full of activities I have been dying for a chilled day!

Day Four: 09.08.16

Once again, today was such a chilled day... Just a little more running around than yesterday. My boyfriend and I headed out for breakfast this morning and got a pastel nata (custard tart) each with a bottle of water. Got to keep the balance lol. We then headed down to the beach for a bit... The sun was sizzling hot, so it was pretty amazing when we got in the water and then chilled on the sand soaking in the sun. However, after a bit, it got to hot to bare and that when we decided to go back to the hotel and enjoy the outdoor swimming pool there. Can you believe the deep end of the pool is 3.4 metres deep, that is almost double my height! We ordered a ham and cheese toastie and some cocktails and it was just amazing! My tan is finally coming along! We later went to meet my boyfriends parents at the apartments they are staying at and enjoyed a long afternoon by the pools and soaking in some more sun. For dinner my boyfriend and I took them to the first restaurant we went too so his parents could try the beife na pedra (Beef on a Rock) and it was pretty amazing. After that we just went for a walk along the ocean and then went to the bar at the hotel for a couple of drinks, then decided to call it a night.  

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