Our Stay at Jupiter - Hotel Review || 2016

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Hey my beautiful Rosette's, 

As you guys may know, I have recently just come back from my holidays away in Portugal with my Mr. I had the most relaxing time this holiday, although I don't feel like two weeks were enough, but then again, who does LOL! As it was the first time I have ever flown without my family, this was definitely a first for me and it was most definitely overwhelming. I had to learn how to deal with things by myself, whereas in previous years I would turn to my mum. It was definitely a different and knowledgable experience. Anyways, if you've been keeping up with my posts, you'd know our first stop was Portimao, Algarve. Therefore, this post is going to be all about the hotel we stayed at for little under a week! I introduce you to Jupiter Hotel.

It was lovely at Jupiter. We stayed in a room with a side view to the ocean and oh my lard, wasn't that beautiful! Although, my boyfriend was convienced that we had booked a front sea view room... Oh well, that was our mistake. Anyways. I am going to start off with the room. Unfortunatly, I didn't manage to get a picture of the room itself, but it was very clean, spacious and well organised. There was enough space to manovour, work, dance, run, jump and do practically anything (not saying thats what we done LOL) I was very impressed with the bed itself as sometimes it can be hard not being in your bed especially if you don't know if the hotel matress is going to be comfortable! I have nothing to complain about, I slept like a baby! Its just a shame I didn't manage to get an image. 

Then moving onto the restaurant, we didn't actually eat there, instead we ordered room service and it was DELISH! We ordered a cheeseburger and some fries (woops!) It was so good though. I did manage to get a snippet of the restaurant from the door though and it was so dreamy! The hotel also has a gym, a spa facility (which I will be writting a seperate post on) and outdoor swimming pool... You can guess where we spent all our time! The bar was also pretty cool, my boyfriend and I always went down for a cocktail to end the day, oh and theres nothing nicer than having a cocktail by the pool! I could of gotten used to that life! Here are just a few images for you to see what I'm talking about.

If you are ever planning on going Portimao, I highly recommend this hotel for you!

Lots of Love, A .x

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