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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My beautiful Rosette's, anyone hungry?

So, from my previous post, you would know I spent a chunk of my summer vacations in Portimao, Portugal. Along with an amazing beach and an amazing hotel came along amazing food! Where do I even start. I love it when restaurants are everything you've accepted and more!

Today's review is on a restaurant named All Beef where Joe and his beautiful family introduced us too and boy am I glad they did. There's not much to say about this place apart from how fantastic the food is! Its so good you have to call atleast 48 hours before the night you want to go and have dinner there! FOURTY EIGHT HOURS! I think that alone says something about this place. Its very highly demanded. Its such a nice place to go for a date or with your family. Its so chic you even get a glass of champagne at the door! The food was served within a reasonable amount of time after being ordered and the waiters were ever so nice! Honestly, the best restaurant I have EVER been too and I believe many would agree with me. So here's just a couple of images with a brief discription of what each dish is! Hope you enjoy and don't forget... Next time you find yourself in Portimao, make sure to check this place out!
For Starters:

For the appetisers we had bread, little crackers and breadsticks along with garlic butter, very well marinated ocotpus cut into little pieces and tuna with mayonnaise. This was so light, it wasn't like the appetisers that fill you up before your starter comes lol. In fact, it was like that throughout the whole dinner! 

For my starters I had Asparagus with Cured Ham also known as Esparagos com Persunto. When I saw this approach the table I was gobsmacked and so ready to tuck in. Once again this was so light and its also the kind of starter you eat slowly so it doesn't finish quickly. 

My boyfriend, Joe and Lucia all got the same starter which was Avocado with Prawns also known as Abacate com Camarao. Although I am not one to like prawns, I did try the avocado and the sauce and it was pretty radical! 

For Main Course

So for my main course I went along to get a Fillet Steak with Potato layered ontop of eachother with some veggies on the side and mushroom sauce, also known as Lombo Tornedo. This was so dreamy! I can't even begin to explain! Its making my mouth water!

My boyfriend, Joe and Lucia chose the Black Angus Steak, also known as Black Angus - Vazia Americana. Of course, I took a little to try lol... Impossible not too with that amazing smell drifting into my nostrils and for sure, it was amazing, but I still preferred my dish, soz babes.

For Dessert

MY GAWWWDDDDD This was the first time I ever tried Creme Bullee and LARDDD I'm in love! This dessert was ordered for both Joe and I and it was so amazing, it practically melted in my mouth! Definitely the perfect cherry on the cake, if you know what I mean!

My boyfriend and Lucia ordered the Mille Feuilles 'Strawberries' which once again I did take a nab out off and I fell in love again, safe to say I stole some off my boyfriends plate when he went to the bathroom, sorryyyy haha! The pastery was so soft, it practically fell apart in your mouth! You need to try this place guys! You just have too!

The food was great. Don't forget to make a reservation!

Lots of Love, A .x

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