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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Hello my Rosette's, how are you doing on this fine day?

So very soon, I'll have to face one of my biggest fears... FLYING. Oh I can't even start explaining how anxious it makes me feel, however at the same time its also really exciting when I get closer to my destination. I get very fidgety and bothered when I have to sit on a plane for any longer than half an hour. Therefore, I always make sure I've got things to enterntain myself with. So here are the things I take with me on my flight to make sure I don't spend the joruney freaking out!

I have always been one to over pack everything, including my hand bag, so what I've done with both my suitcase and my bag is pre pack everything, already... 3 weeks early... Woops! Anyways, this has now allowed me to go back into my suitcase and be really selective with the things I want to take. I went from having a bag full of colouring pencils, colouring books, different reading books and other things I thought would take my mind off of flying to only the essentials I will most probably use for during my 2 hour and a half flight.

I can tolerate reading for at least 20-30mins on a plane. For some reason, I can't go any longer as it starts to give me a headache and I start feeling really faint... Maybe its just the jitters from being so high but at least for those 20-30 mins I am not worrying about it! I normally take 2/3 books with me on holiday as I find I have a lot more time on my hands and not a lot to stress about either.

Music is an ESSENTIAL for me, with a cute pillow and eye mask, of course. This is for when it really starts to get to me. I just pop on my headphones and some music and close my eyes. This allows me to wonder off into a day dream, or possibly make me fall asleep, depending on what I am listening too. This can last me up to an hour of the journey. Therefore, leaving one hour left until touch down.

My last resort, would be to pop a movie into my laptop, however I can't watch action movies or rom-coms and what nots... I have a very specific need when it comes to watching a movie on the plane! Disney.. animated Disney. Give me Cinderella, or The Little Mermaid. Anything Disney will keep me calm and because Tinkerbell is my all time favourite, then its Tinkerbell I'll be watching this year!

Let me know what you do to keep you calm through a plane ride in the comment section below.

Lots of Love, A .x

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  1. That is a GORGEOUS copy of Gatsby! Definitely my all-time favorite novel.


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