Personal Goal Update || 2016

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hey my lovelies, hope you are all doing well. Sorry, I've been AWAL lately, I was just super busy with uni work and all but now I'm finally on my summer holidays... YAAAAY! 

So, it's soon half way through the year and I thought it would be a great idea to see where I am at currently with my personal 2016 goals! If you don't know what those are then check them out here.
Looking back at that post now, I feel like I may have been a little easy on myself, but I probably did that because at that moment I thought that was all I could handle on my plate. However, I am glad to say that even though I didn't keep a list of these goals by my bedside table, I have unconsciously strived to do my best to achieve them! So without further ado, let's see how I am doing!

1. Get my drivers license. 

No, I haven't got my license yet. However, I have taken the first step and booked my theory test and as the exam period is coming to an end, I have managed to fit in a lesson or two into my schedule and also study the theory whenever I get the chance! Therefore, I am really hoping that all goes well and the hard work pays off in time for my birthday!

2. Finish the first year of uni with good grades.

Although I only find out my final grades in the next couple of weeks, I can at least say that the feedback I have received from my lecturers are quite reassuring and rewarding. Both my lectures and I have realized the difference between my work from the first semester, and second semester. First semester I got a 2:2, and now I am so anxious to find out what I got second semester. Although I have worked extremely hard this second semester, I did miss a lot at uni due to tiredness and other issues, but I made sure that I could make up for the work I missed by asking around and doing my own research. All in all, I feel like I have learned a lot in my first year and I am pretty sure I will keep on learning in the next two years. I will soon be writing a post about my first-year experience soon, so keep an eye out for that.

3. Travel more.

I am going back to Portugal for the summer with my boyfriend and my family. I wish I had the funds to visit every country I want to whenever I wanted too, but I can't. Due to that my boyfriend and I have decided to take a week away in Portimao, which is in Algarve for a week and then travel down to Lisbon and Viseu to spend the rest of the holidays with our families. I will be doing a photo diary of everywhere I go, so I can share with you guys, so also keep an eye out for that! We are also trying to book little getaways here and there but all in the UK as we just dont have the funds to fly everywhere at the moment. However, we are really looking forward to it and I just can't wait!

4. Be healthier and exercise more.

Woopsie! I am so ashamed about this! I should have but I never! I have stopped eating a lot of crap that I was intoxicating my body with before, but I just haven't gotten up my bum yet to do something about my weight. This is something I am always talking to somebody about and normally I always get the same answer

  'Do not think you are not alright where you are now. You have to accept where you are now, and know where you want to be and then focus on your journey there'.

 I feel like this is the best advice I have ever recieved as, coming to terms with such a drastic and sudden change can sometimes be hard to accept, and I guess now that I know I can do it, I am going to give it my all so I can achieve the results I know I can.

5. Have more time for yourself.

Urm, I don't know. I have definitely had time to dedicate to my studies and enjoy what I am doing, therefore I guess that counts, however I do feel like it has been a while since I have just relaxed in bed watching a movie without having to worry that I had this essay to write, or had a movie I needed to edit. But, like I've said, I have enjoyed the projects I have been doing for uni, work and this blog and hopefully soon, so many opportunities will present themselves and I will be ready for them with an open mind. 

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