Spring Reading List || 2016

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hello my beauties! Hope all is well with you guys.

With Spring heading our way very soon, I have put together a few books which I'd like to read in the Spring season. There are so many books that I want to work my way through this year, so I'm so glad I have actually sat down, ordered and listed every book I want to read. It has been such a long time since I last sat down and enjoyed a good book from beginning until the end, so hopefully, if time is on my side then I will be able to get back into it very soon! When it comes to reading I am not picky with genres. I enjoy everything from thrillers to romances. So without further ado, let's get into it. 

Starting off with a cute romance story, my pick is 'Me Before You' by Jojo Moyes. When I saw the movie adaption trailer to this book and at the end said "based on the novel" I was sold. Faster than lightening, I paused the trailer and headed over to amazon to grab myself a copy. (Amazon, £3.49)

Next up is no other than my favourite authors novel that has also turned into a movie adaption. 'The Choice' by Nicholas Sparks. This was a no-brainer. I'm just so in love with his novels that it was about time that I got this book in my hands. (Amazon, £3.85)

This book is a book that has been sitting on my shelf for about a year now. I have started it and have read about the first couple of pages but because of work and education I didn't get round to finishing it. Therefore, this book is definitely one that I want to finish reading this year. 'The Best of Me' also by Nicholas Sparks. I have watched the movie and I just can not wait! (Amazon, £8.99

Now, I have read this book before and it is probably right up there in the list of my favourite novels. It has such an amazing storyline and I can't wait to read this book again after 4 years. I am anxious to know whether I will feel the same way I did when I first read it, or if I would read it with a different mind set. Therefore, I can not wait to sit down and read 'The Look' by Sophia Bennett, and just dive into it head first. (Amazon, £6.44)

Lastly, I am going to finish with a thriller, which is also something I have read before and that is 'Deadline' by Simon Kernick. It is such a good thriller and I am anxious to know if I am going to be on my toes as much as I was the first time I read it. I can't wait! (Amazon, £7.99)

Lots of Love, A xx

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