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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Hello my beauties! Hope you're all doing well and exciting things!

Last week I went on a little makeup binge, I'm not even going to try and deny it... I spent quite a little bit of money on the Rosie For Autograph by M&S. I have been obsessing over this makeup line so much lately with one of my best friends, so I thought it was time to just pick myself up and go and purchase them.

At first, I was a little wary about this one called Magic Contour. The colour looked really light to be a bronzer and I'm not sure how it would work as a contour for the same reason,  it would probably work better as a setting powder, but I guess, I will only know when I try it out. This product was £18 so I definitely hope it won't just sit at the back of my dressing table.

Next, I went straight to the lipstick section, because we all know I love lipsticks and there is no such thing as having too many. I picked up these two, and they were £14 each. The shades I picked up was Camisole Blush and Nude Blush. They are both such beautiful colours, I can't wait to wear them out soon. 

One again, I was a little wary about the Starstruck Highlighter stick, because I prefer mine in as a powder and not a chubby stick. I thought I'd give it a try it anyway as when I tried the tester and blended it out on my hand, the shimmer was really subtle but was still there and I loved it. It was £15 and I can't find it on the website for some reason but I know if you walk into the store you'll be able to find it there as they seem to have more in store than on the site. 

Lastly, I bought three eyeshadow pallets, yes, three. I couldn't decide on just one so I just bought the load of them. There is actually 4 in total in the collection and I sort of regret leaving the other one behind but oh well, these ones are enough. It was £18 each and I bought 'I feel like a million dollars' 'Deco diamond' and 'Copper gold rush'. All the colours look so pigmented and there is a mixture of shimmer and matte's. They blend out so well, I can't wait to try these out! Definitely worth every penny!


Lots of Love, A .x

*Disclaimer: not a sponsored post.

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