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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hey guys! Hope all is well, and welcome to a post where I will be talking about a cute little Ted Baker toiletry and skincare bag I got for Christmas. 

I was delighted when I opened this gift under the Christmas tree, and realised it was a gift bag with products to use in and out of the bathtub. Recently I have been obsessing about getting healthier skin, and making sure that it is always hydrated and somewhat glowing. So I was really eager to try out what this goody bag held and was so happy when I got to try it out on my weekend away, which you can read about here. So I thank my mum for getting it for me and without further ado, i will get on to it. I will also leave all the prices down below incase you're interested.

First off I would like to talk about the very cute packaging. All the products come in a really cute turquoise bag, which happens to be on my colour wheel of favourite colours. At first, I couldn't quite make out what the circular things were until I noticed that there was something like it on the zip, it was only then that I realised it were a little faux crystal, and I found that to be a very cute touch to it. Another thing I really love about it is that it has a Rose Gold metal label with 'TED BAKER' engraved on it, and we all know how much I love Rose Gold! All in all, it is a really cute packaging and really handy to carry your toiletries around when travelling.

Let's talk about this body wash which is so fruity and wonderful, it leaves my body feeling so clean  and smelling like spring flowers when they bloom. Honestly, I would recommend this to anyone that loves having a fruity scent following them throughout the day as it is super delicious and light. Once again I find the packaging to be super cute and it also has a beautiful Rose Gold bar on the top with a 'T' engraved. 

Now moving onto the body lotions, once again super fragranced and light. It is not like a lot of creams that take forever to dry on your skin whilst you wait impatiently to put your jeans on. I feel that it dries up fairly quicker and leaves a slight glow on your skin, making them feel silky smooth. There is both the body lotion and the body souffle. Honestly, I do not notice much of a difference between them, they are both just as amazing and do the same thing. The body lotion came in the little goody bag. I then went on to purchasing the body souffle after. I find them to be very nourishing so I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for smoother legs, but do not want to have to listen to your whole music play list before putting on your jeans!

Onto the next, there is the hand cream and body spray which both come in travel sizes. I found this super handy for just having in my handbag or when travelling of course. The compact size goodies both smell amazingly good and light as well. The hand cream, which came in the cosmetic bag also dries up fairly quickly, and I love this because there is nothing I hate more than trying to pick something up as the cream on my hands tries to dry, therefore that was an instant green flag for me! The body spray was bought separately as I wanted the whole collection and I know that this spray will come really handy in the summer when you feel all sweaty and stinky! This body spray has a very light but fruity scent, same as everything else in this collection. One small sprits could help lighten your mood in intense heat. I for one, know that in the summer I hate wearing perfume as the heat intensifies the smell and, therefore, makes it feel heavy, do you know what I am talking about? Anyways, I am really excited to get more out of the miniature body spray in the summer.

I am afraid they do not sell the same gift bag anymore as it probably only came out for the Christmas period. However, I have found this gift bag which is similar and fits the same purpose, I also find it very cute and I'm considering in purchasing it next, as it is only £12 which I find to be such a bargain. The only difference I could tell between my cosmetic bag and this one is that it is a smaller size and probably compatible for makeup and travel size products.

I have also found a couple of alternatives that seem to have the products together as a gift set so I will leave the links down below.

Lots of Love, A .x

* Disclaimer: All products were bought from boots and in no way am I boasting about what I have received and this is not a sponsored post.

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