January Hair and Beauty Favourites || 2016

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well. Welcome to my January hair and beauty favourites!

As I have already written a non-beauty favourite post for January, I also wanted to pair it with a mixture of hair and beauty January favourites. Products I have used in the past month, that are well on their way to be a staple in my bathroom cabinet or makeup bag. I hope you guys enjoy and also let me know down below what are you fave beauty items right now!

1. Pantene Pro-V Light Repair and Protect Shampoo & Conditioner.

Starting off with hair care products, I am absolutely loving the Pantene pro-v repair and protect duo! For those of you that do not know, I have stubborn thick curly hair, which can quite easily find itself into one big hot mess really quickly. I find this duo to work wonders with my curls and it doesn't leave them feeling so rough and dry after a good wash. Last summer I dip-dyed my hair a lighter blonde, and as a result, I have struggled with dehydrated hair ever since. Therefore finding this actually helped restore some health into my golden locks, and has finally given them life again. Obviously, there are different shampoo's and conditioners for different types of hair, this one is just preferable for mine. I get the shampoo and conditioner at a really good price in boots which is now on offer for 2 for £5 or £4.19 each!

2. Cantu Shea Butter Hair Cream.

Dealing with stubborn curly hair can be a nightmare and you can find that your hair becomes really dehydrated after doing something with it, i.e colour it, perm it etc. My hair is really difficult to maintain, but ever since my mother walked through the front door with this repair leave-in conditioner, my life has changed! Maybe that's a little dramatic, but it has been a lot easier to tame my hair and dealing with it. Before using this cream, I would only be able to have my hair out for a day at most, after that it would live in a bun for two days and then it was ready for a wash. However now my hair is free from any hair ties for at least two days, sometimes even three and only then is it ready for a wash! I would definitely recommend this leave-in conditioner to you curly's or if you have dehydrated hair; it works wonders. 


3. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique For Women.

If there is anything I have been loving so much lately, it's fragrances. In late December, I bought myself a little Christmas present. I was looking for a new sweet smell when a colleague at work recommended the Jean Paul Gaultier and it is safe to say I have fallen in love! It's so sweet, light and perfect for everyday wear. Personally, I think it is a lovely winter/spring fragrance. I bought it for super inexpensive at work for only £35.99 on sale!! 

4. Mary Lou Manizer.

Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer! My favourite part of doing my makeup is the highlighting process, and oh my gosh has the Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm been doing it for me! It gives such an intense but subtle look, very glamour-chic! It was actually recommended to me by my best friend, and at first, I wasn't really sure about it, but I am so glad I took that recommendation because it is now the first highlighter I reach for in my collection. I do think it is a little pricey but it is worth every penny after you use it, especially if it is something you use regularly. I bought mine from Superdrug for £17.49.

5. Rimmel Apocalips - Atomic Rose

Now it is no secret that I love nude lips, but I have somehow moved along to a rosier nude colour as it is super pretty! One rosy nude I am totally loving, in particular, is the Rimmel Apocalips in the shade, Atomic Rose... O - M - G it is beyond beautiful. I have noticed that some matte lip products I own tend to dry up really fast and make my lips sticky throughout the whole day, yet this one doesn't. The best thing about this is that it does not annoy me throughout the day, as it feels like it's not even there! I love this product so much, I'd definitely recommend you nude lovers out there to give it a go! I got mine for super cheap from boots for only £6.49

There it is! My top five favourite beauty products in January! Leave a comment below with your beauty faves! I'd love to hear about it!

Lots of Love, A .x

*none of these products have been sponsored. All opinions given are my own. 

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