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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hey guys! Hope all is well and welcome to my go-to date night makeup look post.

In no way whatsoever do I have a degree or any sort of background knowledge on makeup, my teachers throughout the years have been the lovely Youtubers that post make up tutorials, therefore, I guess along the way I picked up a trick or two. Today, I just wanted to share a very simple date night makeup look that I go for whenever I don't feel like splashing a whole load of makeup onto my face. I have been one to trial and error most times when it comes to makeup, so when I finally find a product I am loving, I never seem to put it back into the shadows of my makeup desk. So without further ado, I will structure this post in terms of what I am applying onto the face first. I do enjoy writing posts like these so, do leave me a comment underneath if you also enjoy reading it, and if you'd like me to write more about things like these.


For the base, I don't use much. My T-zone can get oily from time to time, and sometimes I feel like my makeup just doesn't sit right on my face, but ever since I started using the Nivea Men Aftershave as a primer, I have had no problems with my T-zone or any difficulties with my makeup remaining intact throughout my day. This product has simply been working wonders for me. So I just evenly spread that across my face and give it about two minutes to dry up. 

Then I go ahead and use the Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline with a big fluffy brush, blending it out properly. I choose this foundation when going out because its the lightest one in my collection, so I believe. By light, I do not mean the colour. Have you ever had those moments where you feel like foundation is really heavy and cakey, so you find yourself constantly wondering if it still sits properly on your face? Yeah, that's what I mean by light. It's just perfect for my skin and keeps it super hydrated and stays in place. Stress-free! 

I then just dab a couple of drops of the Fit Me Concealer also by Maybelline underneath my eyes and blend that out with my finger. As always, I don't put too much as I find that underneath my eyes can be a very sensitive area, prone to getting dry very easily if too much product is put on top of it.


I do try and keep the makeup around my eyes really simple, sometimes with just a winged liner and mascara, but on a special occasion, I will bring out my Hourglass Atmosphere Modernist Eyeshadow Palette. At times, if I am looking for a more defined eye, I would blend the darker shade into the crease of my eye until it creates a smokier look. However, as I am going for a simple date night look, I just apply the lighter shades on the base of my eyes and blend it out until I am happy with how it looks.

I then move onto doing a winged liner with my Maybelline Master Ink in matte. I do struggle sometimes to get the perfect winged liner, and find it easier to do standing up for some strange reason. But all I do in a small and thin winged liner and that's all. Then I pop on my Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara with a couple of coats on each eye and that's that done!

Now, I don't always wear falsies as I sometimes find them a nightmare to apply, but on a special occasion I most probably would, and my favourite is the Cheryl Cole Eyelure lash's in First Date. I don't find them to be time-consuming and fidgety which makes applying them a lot easier, and not heavy on the eyelids either, which is great because there is nothing I dislike more than feeling that my eyelids and being weighed down by lashes.

For my eyebrows, I keep it really simple with using only 3 products. The first product I use is the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil to outline the shape of my brow and fill in the end, if you know what I am talking about. Then I'll use my Soap & Glory Archery Eyebrow Filler, with this product I just fill in where I feel needs a little filling, obviously not too much. Lastly, I just comb through my brows with the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara to make sure they do not move anywhere throughout the night! 


Then onto the fun part! Sculpting the face, oh I love it! Firstly I set my foundation and concealer with my MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, just to give it another touch-up. Then I move onto the bronzing where I use my Rimmel London Natural Bronzer and apply it to my face going downwards with an angled fluffy brush. 

I then move onto using a tiny bit of blusher where I use my B. Cheeky Blusher and just gently blend it into my skin with a smaller fluffy brush. Then my favourite part of doing my makeup... HIGHLIGHTING! I have constantly been loving my Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm and use it all the time, so I just take a fan brush and gently swipe it along the top of my cheek bones, every so slightly at first and then I build it up gradually until I am happy with it. 

Finally the lips. First I like to apply a lip balm to keep my lips nourished underneath the lipstick and I find that I normally reach out for my Burt's Bee lip balm as it is just incredible! After letting that sit for a while, I then go onto outlining my lips with my favourite No7 Precision Lip Pencil in Nude just to make sure everything stays tidy throughout my date. Then lastly, I apply my all time favourite Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipstick in Nude Embrace

Then my look is finished, I get dressed and make my way out of the house for a perfect date. I do believe this look also looks good for an event or even just a day out. Any day really. I've linked all the products, which should lead you directly to the page. Hope you guys enjoyed and see you next time!

Lots of Love, A .x

*Disclaimer; this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. I just happen to own a lot of Maybelline products and shop a lot from boots.  

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