My Blogging Goals For 2016

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Hey guys! Hope you're all well. And welcome to my 2016 blog goals.

Last week I spoke about my personal 2016 goals and I didn't mention anything about my blog because I was looking forwards to writing my blog goals for this year and share them with you guys. It is no secret, I have never been on here much and I used to post once in a blue moon, so here are some ways I am looking to change that this year. 

1. Be More Consistent

Of course, my first goal is to be more consistent with posting and being able to set a schedule for when I post and actually have everything written by the time it goes public. I find myself stressing at times about what to write, and I don't like forcing myself to write about something that I am not enjoying, so, I let the moment inspire me. There is always something I want to post about, whether it's something in my room or something that has happened. Thus my aim is to post twice a week every week. If by any chance I can't, for example, this month because of uni work then I will let you guys know; I promise. 

2. Take And Use Original Pictures

I am guilty of using pictures from google in the past and I do note under the photo where I have taken it from, however personally it doesn't make me feel like I put my 100% into my post. Therefore one of my goals this year is to find the time to take good quality pictures for my blog. I believe this will give it more of a personal touch as well, so I really look forwards to taking pictures and learning more about a camera and how to use it properly. Also looking to buy some soft lights for a brighter picture does not seem like a bad idea either, but I have to look into all of that.

3. Engage With The Audience And Get Involved In The Community More

I get really excited when someone emails me with compliments or to say that they can relate to something I've written; it is always lovely to know that you guys enjoy what I write and are on this journey with me. Hence why my aim is to get more involved in anything and everything and just leap out of my comfort zone and enjoy life and everything that it has to offer me on this journey. Once again I'm excited for you guys to come along with me.

4. Learn More About The Blogging/Vlogging Lifestyle

I love researching into things and knowing my stuff as I never want to get caught off guard with anything, so I do a lot of research sometimes and learning about all the different directions this blog could take me is something I find really interesting. I think it would be exciting and intriguing to know and work towards those things for the future.

5. Making My Little Online Home One Of My Priorities

Lastly, but definitely still important, I would like to invest as much time into this little site as possible, so I am going to take more time for my little online home this year and aim for it to blossom. I do not expect it to grow overnight, so I know I need to put in the work and that is exactly what I intend to do this year and many years to come as well.

That rounds up all of my 2016 blog goals. I hope I can stick by this faithfully and hopefully this little URL home will grow and blossom with you guys here to watch that happen with me. 

Lots of Love, A .x


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