TRIR Black Edition || 2015

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Hey guys! Hope all is well! Today I am just going to tell you guys about an experience I went through a little over a year ago. 

The Rum Is Red (also known as TRIR) is a clothing line owned by my boyfriend and our friends. It's a clothing line I've watched grow steadily for the past 3 years and I can honestly say I'm so proud of the group for staying true to what they believe they're clothing line is about and for never giving up. 

Today I'll be showing you one of their pieces as I already had the pictures for them because my boyfriend asked me to model the piece for their site about a year ago and it was honestly an exciting experience for me, as I am one to shy away from the camera at times, especially when it's just me in the photo, so it took a while for myself and my boyfriend to get the right shots, but eventually, we did and I think they turned out really well.

 I can say that they're clothing is true to size and the material is dreamily soft, you are never going to want to get out of it! It is not a waste of money, as sometimes you get new clothing lines growing and can never know before you purchase something if the material is good or not, so I guarantee these guys make sure to provide the best material for their clothing. I can also say their items are easily put together into an outfit, you can dress it down and you can dress it up, depending on your style and the occasion. So here's just a couple of snaps for you guys & I'll also link below their site for you! Enjoy and go spend some money after! 

I am looking to do a post on all the pieces they have, sort of like a TRIR lookbook so you guys can see.

Lots of Love, A .x
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