Seven Shopping Tips || 2015

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Hey guys! Hope all is well and welcome to my Shopping Tip list!

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I believe shopping is essential in ones life! Especially around Christmas and the Summer, simply because its when you need to buy everything in a chunk. Some people detest shopping in these seasons because of how ram packed and messy shops can be, I for one hate going when it's packed and messy, it's so hard to find something decent to buy. So this year I decided to try new methods out to avoid being put off shopping because in case you didn't know; I love shopping! So I'm just going to share with you some of my shopping hacks.

1. Have a budget!

I am terrible at this. I am a person that doesn't look at the price tags when it comes to buying gifts for her loved ones. Even though I know I should look at the price, I don't normally do. But what I've done this year was put some money on the side from my part time job so when it came to Christmas I wouldn't have to be stressing about money. So in just a few months I managed to put quite a lot on the side and decided to divide the money up, use half for Christmas gifts and decorations and everything Christmas and I'm saving the rest for my summer 2016 holiday tickets. So budget, budget, budget. It's inevitable to not go over your budget, but don't beat yourself up about it either; just try and be wise with what you're spending on. 

2. Write a list!

I do this all the time. I like to write everything I need to do down, so I've always got a notepad and pen at arms reach. What I did this year was write two lists. A list of the people I needed to buy presents for and a list of gift ideas. This helped me out so so much! It's made easier to pair a person with a gift I have thought off, and if there's a person I don't think anything is suitable for, then I go on the hunt for something. But having a list of ideas before hand saves up so much time for you. 

3. Spread your shopping days!

Don't feel the rush to get everything in one day or from one place either because its never going to work. Go shopping on different occasions at different locations. There's no point of going back to the same place you were last week because chances are they probably have the same thing.  So check for good shopping centres or streets with all the shops you need on them like Oxford Street for example. 

4. Go in the morning!

Don't leave your shopping until 3 pm... Honestly, that could be the most stupid thing you could do, I say this because I've already done it and I regretted it so much. So I'd definitely say start your shopping at 9 am, 10 am the latest. The stores are neat and tidy which makes it much more pleasurable shopping, plus it's quieter and there are new queues, which in my opinion is the best thing ever!

5. Leave your luggage at home!

Honestly, there is nothing worse than carrying a heavy handbag around on you when you're looking through clothing! It ways you down and you get tired easily. Trust me, I know! So literally my advice is just have with you a little cross bag with all your daily essentials in it, e.g phone, purse and keys. Trust me you don't need anything else. Also, wear comfortable clothing. You're going to be up and about for quite a long time so do put on some comfy leggings/jeans, maybe an oversized jumper and some trainers. You'll thank me later. 

6. Pay by cash!

I'm a girl with a habit of using her card for everything! Until my boyfriend knocked some sense into my head! It's so much harder controlling how much money you're spending when you're paying by card because you know you have money in your account, so you just keep paying continuously and therefore lose your senses of budgeting and end up spending a hell lot more than you planned too. So, in my opinion, paying in cash helps you stay in control. It also helps when you need to do refunds if you go to refund something back on your card then it's going to take 3-5 working days to go back into your account, whereas with cash you get it back straight away, which simplifies life I guess. So, tip for the future, cash is so much easier! 

7. What to do if indecisive?

I am a very indecisive girl when it comes to shopping. I like everything I see and, therefore, want to get everything I see. I don't like leaving things behind because I get scared I'm going to regret it when I get home and then go back to get it the next day and it's not there no more or my size has run out; Its happened before! It's such a horrible feeling. So what I do sometimes is buy what I like, obviously within budget and with the things I know I won't regret not having, I'll just go back and refund it. I'm not one to fuss if I receive my money back or a gift voucher, it's all the same really. Now I'm not saying do that all the time, I certainly don't, that's too much back and forth to shops, I'd go crazy sooner rather than later and definitely end up broke, but with items such as a dress for a party and I like two but can only buy one, I'll get both and calmly see how it looks at home in the cosiness of my room, where I'm not rushing because there are other people waiting to try things on. 

So that's all my tips for today, hope this help get some stress of your backs for the holiday shopping season! Hope you enjoyed and now go spend some money, you deserve to treat yourself. 

Lots of Love, A .x

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