Five Places to go in December in the UK || 2015

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hey guys! Hope all is well and welcome to my five places to visit throughout December in the UK!

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December just happens to be one of my favourite months of all time! Not only because it's the month of CHRISTMAS, but there are a lot of personal exciting things that happen in December starting with my boyfriends birthday which I am super excited about, maybe a little more than he is lol! Then there's just the excitement being built up for Christmas to arrive. So today I'd like to share with you five places in the UK I would love to go and see or that I have already been too, so I am going to share those with you now! I'll leave the links to the places at the bottom of the page. 

Place Number One: Winter Wonderland!

Oh. My. Gosh. How I love that place. It's just such a fun place to go for a night out with friends or a day out with family. It normally opens at the end of November and closes early January in Hyde Park. I have been going every year for about 4 years now and every year there's something else that captivates my attention so I'm really excited to see what that'll be this year. They have rollercoaster rides, an ice castle which I really can't wait to go visit for the first time ever, they also sell arts and crafts things like candles, dream catchers and all those things. The artsy crafty things tend to be my favourite to walk through, just love buying new decor for my room and you can honestly be surprised by how beautiful the things can be. The also have sweet stands, outdoor pub stands, hot dog stands and all the food places you'd expect to see when going to a fun fair ground. It's a lovely place to go with loved ones just for a walk about if you don't want to go on the rides. So if you haven't before, definitely put Winter Wonderland on your December To Do List.

Place Number Two: Harry Potter Warner Bro Studios!

AHHH! I would love to go there in December because they have snow and Christmas trees so it's basically Christmas at Hogwarts and you're invited! Can you imagine! Unfortunately, I still haven't been lucky enough to have time to go and experience this wonder and whenever I do have time to go, the dates are always fully booked. This is definitely something you need to book a couple of weeks in advance to guarantee your tickets. Even though I haven't gone there myself, I have seen some vlogs by YouTubers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr, when they went and it honestly just got me so excited so this is definitely somewhere I am to be going soon and if I can't go this December then I'll be doing my bests to go next year! I'm not quite sure how the opening hours work as you have to choose your own time slots to visit, so I'll just leave a link down below for you guys to check it out for yourselves.

Place Number Three: Bluewater Shopping Centre!

Guys if you're like me and you love to shop and you love Christmas decorations all in one place, then Bluewater is the place to go in December. My boyfriend took me there on his birthday last year, as we decided we wanted to go on a road trip and he was saying how much I would love it so we decided to go and he was so right! Bluewater is so magical. They have like a garden area outside the restaurants and in the middle of the pond there's a Christmas tree made out of lights only. I don't know if that is a fixed annual set up or if it changes every year but I do know that last years decorations were enough to make me want to go again this year. As soon as you drive into the place there are deer sculptures at every roundabout and also around the pond. I did want to write about it last year but I was too mesmerised by it all when I got there that I forgot to take pictures, do forgive me. But apart from the decorations, it's a HUGE shopping centre, you'll find everything you need in there and it doesn't seem to get messy, surprisingly. You can imagine Westfield, just bigger, better and neater. It's definitely a lovely place to go to do your Christmas shopping on a weekday morning as that's probably when it's the quietest or a Saturday morning if you have no time throughout the week.

Place Number 4: Covent Gardens!

Now, this is surprisingly embarrassing but I feel like I can say that I've only ever gone to Covent Gardens once. Not in my entire life because I'm pretty sure my parents have taken me there when I was younger but I don't remember so it doesn't count, and the only time I did go venture to Covent Gardens by myself it was for a college trip to the Odeon, so I didn't even get to experience Covent Gardens. Moral of the story is that I am not one to just get on a train and go places, at least, I never used to be. But I really would love to go Convent Gardens on a December night to see the big Christmas tree that is put up in the middle of the square. However I do warn you now, do not do the same mistake I done if you're going there by train... THERE ARE A LOAD OF STAIRS TO CLIMB! When I got off the train I saw the elevators and there was literally a human stampede to get to them and I didn't like the look of that, especially because it was underground and then I saw a lady walk back towards me and I thought, alright there must be another way out that no one knows about so I followed her. Little did I know that everyone knew about it, they just didn't want to use it and now I know why. When I reached the top I actually thought I was going to faint. My vision went all blurry, I was thirsty, honestly, it felt like a personal trainer had just whooped my ass in the gym! It's shocking really that stairs can do that to a person lol. So my advice is, take the lift unless you're feeling brave, then in that case by all means take the stairs. I'll definitely be taking the elevators when I go throughout December. 

Place Number Five: National History Museum Outdoor Ice Ring!

YAASSS! This is definitely another place I find super magical. I don't think I've gone for the past two years now and I would most definitely love to go again this December with my loved ones. It's just makes such a fun and precious experience that everyone can enjoy together. It's so Christmassy, I love it. There's tree in the middle of the ring and everyone's holding hands or gripping to the side walls not to fall and there's Christmas songs played in the background and this year they've partnered up with Swarovski, so I'm really excited to go and look around and maybe skate again, who knows! It's definitely something you'll not regret checking out, I promise. Opening times vary but core times are from 11 am to 9 pm. All is found on the sites I'll be leaving down below! If you do go then make sure to take pictures and show me on my social media, which I'll also leave noted down below!

Lots of Love, A .x

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