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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Hey guys! Hope all is well. Welcome to my 2015 Christmas wishlist!

This year I managed to actually think of things that I'd love to receive, some are not as realistic as others (in terms of others buying it for me) so I've decided that I might just treat myself a little this year. As Christmas drew closer, family members started calling and asking what I'd like this Christmas, and as every year I say I don't know, because honestly you never do know what you went when a person asks because you seem to have gotten everything yourself, but then after being asked I wrote a list of things I had seen recently that I really wanted to get, so I've put together a little collage of a couple of things I listed on my Christmas wishlist this year. 

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1. FRENDS: Layla Rose Gold Headphones.

I have seen these on so many people and I find them so beautiful! Because they are a bit pricey I wouldn't dare ask somebody to get me this for Christmas! So this is definitely on my list to buy in 2016! But at the moment, I am indecisive between these and the beats headphones & earphones in rose gold too! They're all so beautiful and I am not really one to wear headphones unless on long journeys so I'll most probably settle for the Layla's headphones because not only are they rose gold which is my all time fav! They are also super stylish! 

2. THOMAS SABO: Snowflake Charm.

Thomas Sabo has so many beautiful charms and has recently released the Christmas festive ones and I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D!!! They are so gorgeous! I actually asked my sister for this as for her birthday I bought us matching Thomas Sabo charm bracelets with an Eiffel Tower pendant, as I took her to Paris for her birthday; you can see more of that on my Paris Photo Diary. So I thought because I am such a sucker for this season, it would be nice to have matching charm pendants. However I do like the snowflake that also has the skate on it as well, so go and check it out if you like charm bracelets and winter. 

3. FUNKO POP: Stitch.

I am super in love with Funko Pop figurines, I seem to be growing a collection of them on my bedside table. So far I have, in my collection, my most fav ones ever and I can't wait to include stitch into the family! Funko Pop's are super inexpensive on amazon. I buy mine on Amazon because the official site only delivers in the USA but nonetheless are still reliable. They have a wide range, so you just have to look for a specific one you want. What I do is go on the official site and look what they have and then make way over to Amazon and look for it. So yeah, Stitch has a space waiting for him on my bedside table already!

4. SWAROVSKI: Crystalline Oval Light Rose Watch.

As mentioned above, I am a sucker for rose gold and when I saw this and all the other colours in the collection, I almost drooled all over the glass display cabinet in the store. I found this around the time of my birthday and was going to buy a watch from somewhere else when my boyfriend dragged me into a Swarovski store to show me a necklace and I found this beauty! At the time I thought I didn't really need a watch and realistically speaking I didn't and I still don't. It was just a splurge, to be honest, so I opted into waiting a little longer to purchase it. I personally wouldn't ask someone to get me this as it costs over £100 but I do think it would make a wonderful Christmas present for a sister or a mother, someone close to you, who you know wouldn't take the gift for granted and would actually enjoy it. This gem is definitely on my 2016 shopping list though!

5. SWAROVSKI: Crystalline Stardust Pen.

I can be a stationary freak when I need/want to be and this pen definitely found its way into my list! I love to write, even if its just to take notes on post ideas or write to do lists so I always make sure I have a notebook and pen by my side, in my handbag and just everywhere I go. I've always been picky with pens and how they feel when writing, what the ink looks like on paper and etc... Weird, I know. So when I found this one in Swarovski and gave it a go, I was completely taken away by it, it was like love and first letter. It's also summer inexpensive, depending on people's views. At only £24 I would defo get it for myself, but then again it is also a great gift for a best friend or family member. I also like the pen and USB combinations that they sell, so go and have a look at the range & different colours. They also have it in ROSE GOLD!!! 

6: TED BAKER: Floral Notebook.

Like I said, stationary obsessed! My notebooks have to be cute with a pretty print for me to even reach out for them. I feel like I can write beautiful things in a beautiful notebook, so when I came across this one on amazon I automatically wrote it down! However I did wonder into NEXT a couple days ago and bought a set of 3 amazingly beautiful notebooks, so I guess I could cross this one off the list. However once again this is a perfect present for someone going back to school in January and may need to take notes for some things. So defo a good stocking filler. 

7. ZOEVA: Rose Golden Brush Set.

Of course rose gold again Ana. I am telling you its an obsession. I find them to be so beautiful and when you combine makeup and rose gold then that just adds up to divine! I recently found these brushes online and thought omg that is a must have in my life, but because I've got so many makeup brushes already, I don't really need any more at the moment, so I've put them on my Christmas wishlist in the hope my boyfriend will see this and know what to get me lol. I just find it to be a good selection of brushes and have heard really good things about them, so I really can't wait to get my hands on them, and of course, being rose gold is just a bonus!

So that's all on my Christmas wishlist this year. I'd love to know what you guys have asked for this Christmas, so just leave a comment below letting me know! 

Lots of Love, A .x

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