10 Ways To Stay Organised For Uni/College || 2015

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hey Guys! Hope all is well, and welcome to my 10 ways of staying organised for uni / college!

Every day I wonder what can I do to improve my school work that I haven't already done. So I came up with 10 ways as to how we can! So without further ado, let's get started!

1.  Write EVERYTHING down!

Honestly, you'll never know when your teacher will turn to you and say 'can you please explain to the class what I was talking about 4 weeks ago'. Now it'll be a little embarrassing if you don't know and everyone just stares at you. Trust me, I've been there and I've done that! It is always safer to just get down everything you learn; or if you have more practical lessons like I do, then try and remember everything done and as soon as you get a moment to write everything down, get your notebook and pen out and jot everything down.

2. Don't leave things for last minute!

You'll stress endlessly about how much time you've got to write everything down. I have to admit I am guilty of this! I used to do this all the time in college and because of that, I didn't get grades to the best of my ability. If I wanted to I could have done better. Not saying I didn't because I did still pass and I did still get into university. But it was very stressful. It's a way of creating stress in your life that doesn't actually need to be there, plus you just pile work on top of work, and sooner rather than later there is just way to much to bare with. So make sure you get things done well in advance, or at least if you're not writing your essays well in advance then make sure you have notes that you can go back to when you are writing the essay! Trust me, it saves your life.

3. Know your dates!

There is nothing worse than not knowing when your next assignment is due in, or when there will be a filmed assessment. Some people don't revise, they look at their textbooks the night before and think that qualifies... I guess to an extent you can say that it helps because everything is 'fresh in your mind'... NO... that's a big mistake. Knowing the dates of your assessments is crucial. Make sure you're always up to date!

4. Always give yourself enough time to revise before an exam!

Like I just mentioned above guys, thinking that opening your textbook the night before your exam will save your life... No, you're wrong. I know this because I've done this! I know now that I shouldn't have but I did. I ended up not doing so well in my final exam which counted to the overall grade of the other exams I had down and because of that my grade was lower! DO DO DO revise well before your exam and keep it consistent! No one likes having to do an all nighter just to fill your brain up with as much information as it can take.

5. Make a To Do List.

I have realised that by writing down all I need to do or complete throughout the week in a list is easier for me to stay organised and know how behind or ahead I am. I normally tend to write my to-do lists on a Monday evening as by then I will know what is expected of me at the end of the week and it's always easier just crossing off the things you've completed. I feel like it also gives you a feel of satisfaction at the end. It also means that you're one step closer to being able to go out Saturday night without stressing about work you still need to catch up on for next week! 

6. If you don't know something, then ASK!

It's always better asking so you know, rather than going home and not understanding a word of what was taught that day. One of the worst feelings is going home and sitting down, ready to write an essay about something and then not knowing what exactly you're supposed to be doing. I have done this many times so I wouldn't look dumb in front of my peers until one day I thought why am I going to be so childish about it. Fair enough you don't want people to look at you and think 'wth how didn't she/he know that' but then again you're learning and getting a better understanding of something you didn't know so in the future you do not struggle! So don't hesitate in asking; your teachers are there to help you. 

7. Don't be lazy!

I know it's hard waking up between 5 am - 7 am to get ready for usually a 6 hour day of education. Believe me, I feel your pain. It's still something I do, I'm not proud of it, no, but sometimes you need that day to just let your body and mind catch up with everything you've had to do within the week. But teachers are not kidding when they say 'never miss a lesson because it will affect'... Now maybe that sentence is an exaggeration. One lesson won't kill you. And if you're ill then you're ill, you just have to get better. Don't beat yourself up if you do miss a day or two. Just do your hardest to catch up to everyone else. 

8. Organising your papers.

I find this to be so helpful and there're so many ways of keeping your sheets given from your teachers separate and organised. For example, I have 4 different lecturers and each has their own domain within the subject. I've organised mine in the simplest way possible which is just a folder where I can put plastic wallets in and at the moment I have 5 of those; my voice plastic wallet, modern text, stagecraft and body in performance. All are organised into their separate wallets & in order according to what has already been completed towards the bottom of the pile and work still in progress at the top. It's a really effect way to keep everything neat, tidy and easy to reach for when needed. 

9.  Find your favourite quiet place.

I think that this is probably one of the reasons why I only feel motivate to do work sometimes. I for one do not have a place around the house or a coffee shop that I can go to where I know I'll be able to do work consistently. I am on a hunt for a coffee shop and seeing as I am completely and utterly in love with Costa's Chai Latte's I will most probably be spending most of my evenings in one close by to my house! However do try and find a place at home where you can concentrate and be left alone to get your work done, or even just to relax. 

10. Look after yourself!

The most crucial thing to be able to succeed in all of the above is by looking after yourself. No one will be able to get you through this apart from yourself. So do make sure to take breaks whenever you need them, or treat yourself to a pamper evening before setting off on an endless night of typing. Do it for you and nobody else. If you're not feeling it then don't force it, it'll come to you naturally and you'll love the way your words just flow from your mind to they keyboard and then onto the screen in front of you. Lastly, enjoy yourself. I know 22/23 years of education seems like a long time but I guarantee that you'll most probably miss it when you go into the work life!

Lots of Love, A .x

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