Summarising My Summer '15

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Ahhhh! It's been forever! I am seriously so bad at this. I had such a busy summer! 
How was your summer guys?

Right, I understand if you don't forgive me with this but I am SO sorry! I'll make it up to you guys and I promise this time I'll stick too it.



So, maybe you're thinking what was I so busy doing that I couldn't make time to write on here; well, it was sort of a mixture of everything and nothing. There would be days where so much had to be done and then days in which I needed to recover from doing everything. 

July Adventures...

The first thing I done this summer was visit Paris for 3 tremendously amazing days with my other half and my sister at the beginning of July. I was supposed to blog about it when I got back but I got so busy with work that I just put it to the side, so throughout this month I promise I'll write about how amazing it truly was. Literally a dream come true. So keep an eye out for pictures coming up soon. After coming back from Paris, me and my boyfriend decided to take our siblings to Bicester village. It was the first time I had ever been but I can honestly say it is such a beautiful place! so watch out for a post on what I got there too. 

August Adventures...
This is possibly the third summer I've spent in England as I always have my annual holiday with the family to our home town in Portugal. But this year things were a little different. My family went but I decided to stay behind so I could be on top of a lot of things that were happening that month. Most of those being super thrilling and others being nerve racking. So I ended up having the house all to myself. It was a huge responsibility and I was freaking out. I had never stayed by myself, LIKE EVER! So it was really good being able to experience that.

I had my boyfriend stay over with me for a while as this house is way to big for just myself and my dog, and I won't deny it, the thought of having to stay home alone for 21 nights was super terrifying. So that was also a super amazing experience. We got up to so many little things. As I didn't have to be home so often throughout the week, I decided to ask for weekends off so I could spend those days off with my boyfriend and his family and get a lot of the things done in the house. So like I already said A LOT got done. 

At first we were both only working and then the first weekend rolled through; all we done that weekend was chill and catch up on some rest; to be honest, its really hard to get off the sofa when the TV series 'Cold Cases' was on... Our response to 'We have to get things done, lets get up' was always 'After this one, I promise' and it stayed like that for a while, next thing we knew it was back to work on Monday. So we worked worked worked, included some responsibilities into the week, like doing some food shopping and going back and forth getting things that we needed. We spent quite a lot of time with his family too which was pretty amazing, seeing as I can't do that so often. 

On the second week of our holidays the only exciting thing I can say happened throughout that week was finding out that I got into university. The weekend was a perfect way of celebrating that as we had already invited friend over for a BBQ. It was a really joyful day & evening. We started cooking at 3 and only moved inside around 9, so there was quite a lot of food; sadly I forgot to snap pictures of the day so I can't show you guys :(! SORRY! But it was indeed a very enjoyable day and I had the pleasure of meeting little Mia which is the new addition to this happy bundle of friends. She's so adorably cute! The day after myself and my boyfriend plus his family took a day trip to Garsons Farms, also a first for me. The experience reminded me so much of my home town back at Portugal, which left me a little homesick but none the less it was a splendid day well spent. After the very eventful weekend, back to work we went. 

Our last week alone was however more stressful, if that's even the right word to use. One morning I was about to leave my home and Jacob, my dog, ran out onto the streets and got knocked down by a car so the rest of the week consisted of a lot of going back and forth to the vet and animal hospital and so on, but he is now back home and has become his annoying self again. Then Monday my parents came and my boyfriend moved back out :(!

But our holidays had yet to start. We originally planned to go Bournemouth but we didn't end up going so we decided to go visit Woburn Safari Park and it was SO cool! If you haven't been then you really should go. I'll be writing a post all about it!

But that's about it. Now I'm just working and preparing to start Uni on Monday! So stoked for that! So hopefully, lets pray, you'll see more of me on here as I'll hopefully have more time to do things. 

If you read until here and you're not bored then thank you! I love you very much.

Don't forget to keep smiling and keep your head held high beauties. 

Lots of Love, A .x 

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