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Monday, 1 June 2015

About a month ago it was a close friends birthday, as it happens my boyfriend and I had no idea what to get him. However, a few months before we came across a museum advertisement at the roundabout by where I live and we were automatically intrigued by what was displayed.

We had never heard of such a museum so when we got home we made it a priority to search it up. It was nonetheless the London Motor Museum owned by the ex-model Elo. Through the research, we found out that he had a passion for remarkable motor vehicles. So he invested in buying them and then customising them. Intrigued with his progress we wanted to go just never found the perfect opportunity until... Our friends birthday. Plus the great thing about planning your visit is that your ticket is valid for a whole year from the moment you purchase it. 

I took some snappy snaps to share with you guys too. The tickets are affordable and it's so worth every penny, believe me. I've always been into cars and all (not that into it that I'd know how to build one from scratch, even though one day I do want to try that) but I'm into it enough to be fascinated by the uniqueness of each and every car. So into it I didn't even want to leave the place at the end of the visit *covers face emoji inserted here* lol. 

This museum houses over 200 vehicles! Can you honestly imagine that?! Not only are the cars bought and customed but Elo also collects cars from Hollywood movies such as 'Gone in 60 Seconds' & 'Fast and Furious 4' and he even had his own batman cave!! Like seriously, how cool is that. (Which I won't post a picture of because you honestly need to just go and see it!)

(Top left: Fast and Furious 4. Top right: Gone in 60 Seconds. Bottom left: The Weasley car from Harry Pottor. Bottom right: Dear ol' Mr Bean)

I definitely do think it is a brilliant way to spend a day off with friends or family. The whole place is just wonderful. I know for a fact that it is an engaging experience. The museum also holds events and car hires which in fact some artists have featured the cars in their music videos such as Fergie's, Snoop Dogg, etc. 

Oh my gosh! I nearly forgot to mention, not only did I love the cars, but we also get to see the workshop which is pretty cool as you can watch them work on cars whilst your standing there with only a wall of glass separating you from them. But the best bit of it all was most definitely the Burger Bus Stop! O-M-G! It was amazing. A double-decker bus customised into a grill area downstairs (basically the kitchen) and a little diner place at the top! It was so beautiful (so beautiful my boyfriend wants one in the back garden, oh dear *holds head in hands emoji inserted here* lol.

But I think that's enough talking and I really hope I haven't rambled on for so long. Enjoy the snappy snaps :). 

Now that's all I'm showing guys! If you want to see more head over to the museum, I'll leave the link to the website down below. London isn't the only place where the museum exists though guys. I was told by the very gentle lady that works there, that when we went to visit, Elo was, in fact, launching another one of his motor museum's in Miami, so if you are in the states; do pop by. You might just love it! 

Lots of Love, A .x

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