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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Oh dear lord! February feels like a life time ago. Do excuse my absence, life took its toll on me. There's not much that's really exciting about my life to talk about really; still the same old. Just college and work really.

Only kidding! I'd probably stay in bed all day on my days off eating ice cream if my life was only college and work! 

I've got a few exciting things coming up soon that I wanted to share with you's. 

First off, I've finally booked my long time coming little mini getaway to Paris for the first time and I'm so super excited as I've always loved what I would hear about Paris, the city of love. I was supposed to go for my birthday last year but that didn't work out so I thought I would surprise my sister and go with her and my boyfriend for a couple of days in July. So that'll be something to look out for on here. 

Second of all, I am going to treat myself to a mini splurge (okay, maybe a major one, I don't know yet). I feel like I've worked so hard and every month when I get paid, my earnings just fly out of my account so quickly like concord whilst it's in the air. And I realised that I've never actually spent the money in the case where I go shopping for myself, it's always presents (don't get me wrong, I love buying my loved ones gifts) phone bill, gym membership payment, travel, food and etc. So I thought I would try save some money and at the end of summer go and have a relaxed day at Bicester Village with my boyfriend. (as, once again, I've never been and I'm really looking forwards to it.) for a well deserved shopping trip.  So once again, that's something else to look forward too. 

Then at the beginning of September, back to education I go, however I will no longer be a college student. Yes! That's  right! I got into university. I am excited to start my course for Acting for Stage and Media at a university close by to where I live. I won't be living on campus or closer, so I will have the daily struggle of commuting to uni every morning, however that takes me onto the next thing I would like to achieve this summer. 

Now, I've been on this for nearly a year and a half now, and I must say out of that year and a half, I probably only taken it seriously for 6 months. That so happens to be my drivers license. At first, and I am not ashamed to admit it, my parents were helping me pay for my lessons, and yes some may say I wasted their money, but I don't see it like that as I truly did learn a thing or two (or more obviously) throughout my time studying and practicing. I had a really amazing driving instructor but was well too much excited about driving to even consider revising for my theory exam. Now I've always been a practical troupe of person, I'd rather put passion and energy into something than sit and revise (which is code for slowly torturing myself) for hours. That was never how I learnt. So after I went for my theory exam and didn't pass, I thought I would give it a little time before I started again so I could focus solemnly on college and work. This has also made me want to pay for it myself so I can't understand and value it more when the outcome presents itself. 

But for now I'll just be focusing on my last two exams that are coming up in the next month and then ill be free from education (whoopiee) for about 3 months, which is more than enough time to work on everything I've listed above. 

I hope everyone who has finished they're exams already has a fantastic summer and those still doing exams, good luck and keep focused, aim for the outcome that'll make those revisions nights seem worth it. Everyone else that works, I feel your pain, summer hols are coming up, hang in there lol. 

Bye guys ❤️

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