Blogmas #1 - Warm Winter.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

So its been a while guys, but all is fine...

(First off, my posts won't be consistent and I won't have a routine, at least not for a couple of months because of college work load and other stuff. So that's just to let you know.)

Anyways, I went for a walk a couple of days ago and I was so shocked at how warm it was for the beginning of November. I loved it so much, the sun was so warm it felt like an early summer evening, so I decided to take a couple of snaps for you guys, in the hope that maybe this outfit would inspire someone and they'd want to recreate it for school or even just a shopping trip with friends. 

Hope you guys enjoy. If anyone does decide to recreate this look, I would love to see how it looks on you guys, so don't forget to take a picture and tag me in them on either 
my Twitter: @anaclaudia_95 or my Instagram: @anafernandes95.

So lets get crack-a-lacking.

I wore:

Sweater: H&M // Similar
Dress: H&M // Similar
Jacket: H&M // Similar
Shoes: TKMaxx // Similar
Tights: Primark // Similar

A make-up look I would wear with this outfit would be this one, as it gives a warm autumn feel. It is subtle, yet still catches people's attention. This was very easy to do and can be used on a day to day basis, whether it's to go to college, work or just meeting up with friends.


Foundation: No7 
Concealer: Rimmel 
Lipstick: No7
Eyeliner: 2True
Mascara: Maybelline
Blush: MUA
Bronzer: Bourjois
Brow Kit: Sleek


I don't really vary from the brushes I use. They are mainly all from the same brand, however I do have some others but on this day all the brushes I used were the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman. There is a whole collection of brushes for eyes, lips and face. I really enjoy using them as they don't get my make-up all over the place, only where needs putting. It is definitely a worthy purchase.

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