Saying Good-bye.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

So this post is a little different to my normal ones, its not a very cheery one, but I promise it's only being written to help someone who may be going through a similar situation.

There are so many different types of good-byes and so many different reasons as to why sometimes they hurt so bad or why they fill you with relief.

Saying good-bye is one of the most hurtful things to do, ever; especially when it's in unexpected situations. Its painful and could lead to you feeling so terrible for days, weeks, months and sometimes even years... 


You're not ready to let go because you can't accept what has happened; It all just feels like a nightmare that haunts you every night, you wake up thinking everything's okay and then it hits you again all of a sudden. So I'm here to say, as someone who has been through this feeling multiple times over a couple of years now, its okay to accept; but living in denial about it will only prolong the pain you feel each day. So don't live in denial and think that one day you're going to wake up and they'll be standing at your front door. I know what the feeling is like and it doesn't help, it just drags out the pain for longer.

I understand people will always hurt after loosing a loved one and that is so acceptable because they have to be remembered, remembered for the simple things they may have done, like making you smile whilst you was down or been there to cry with you, stuff like that.

So here is a tribute for all them lives that we're taken from us, whether by illness or by man... For all them grandparents and parents that didn't get the chance to watch their children grow or watch their grandchildren grow, you were taken away too soon. For all those young people that didn't have the chance to grow and live a full life, when life ended just when it was about to start. All of you will always be remembered, maybe not by the world but by the people you marked whilst you was walking among us.


Now for those relieving good-byes... sometimes it's necessary to let go of people or things that only cause you harm and pain... people that don't benefit you and don't appreciate all you do for them... Those people that hold you back simply because they can't move on with their own lives... You don't need people like that in your life. My mother always told me "Choose your friends, don't let your friends choose you." You have the right to choose who you want to socialize with, because believe it or not, when you're close with people, you start to mold into their habits and they start to mold into yours and sometimes that's not necessarily a good thing as some 'friends' just envy what you have or what you have or want to be like you but find it hard. 

These are just things I've learnt along my way through life and I thought maybe if I have any young readers they could benefit from this post and manage to avoid pain like that... especially as at a young age its when you start meeting new people when you start going to a new school and stuff like that. People that only want to see you below them are not worth your precious time. 

But never forget, goodbyes always open doors to new opportunities.

That's all for today, I love you guys.

(This post is not personally related)


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