Don't give in to negativity.

Monday, 14 July 2014

So, I'm pretty sure everyone at, at least one moment in their lives have had people try to bring them down...
Don't give in to it..

  • If people call you ugly.. Don't believe it. You're beautiful in your own way.
  • People don't trust you? If you haven't given them reason too then that's their loss.
  • Don't think just because someone may have achieved in something better than you have, that you're not able to achieve something yourself. Just because you may not be good at something, doesn't mean you're not good at everything.
  • People don't like who you're with? If you're happy, forget whatever anyone else thinks or say's... Follow your heart, always...
  • Having problems with making difficult decisions? I know many people don't want to just 'let time tell', I know this because I am a person that hates waiting to find out how something will turn out, but sometimes waiting could bring you so much happiness.
  • Never compare yourself to someone else. You are the best version of you and there's no one else like you. Believe that.
  • NEVER give in to people that think they can walk all over you, keep your head held high because you was put in this world for good and if some people don't get along with you, then that is their problem.
Be happy, your way. Those who actually love you will always be by your side... Everyone else doesn't matter.

Love you guys <3


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