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Saturday, 18 January 2014

It's time to stop staring at the floor while you walk, it's time to show off that pretty face and that beautiful smile you've been hiding. (yes I'm talking to you.)

You're worth it, believe it, take it and make it. 

No matter what you did in the past, don't regret it because everything that's happened in each day up until now has shaped you into the person you are today. 

Don't let your past affect your future, it'll only set you back and that feeling is horrible. 

Spread your wings and fly; don't hesitate because you're scared of falling. Follow your heart. 

If you messed up yesterday then today is the day you put things right again. 

Everyday is another chance you get to make things better. 

Don't be scared about what others will think, do and say. Believe in yourself because things will get better. 

Do yourself a favour, just smile; smile because you have today; smile because you believe in yourself, smile because you believe your future is bright for you. 

Don't ever let your past define you because people do change and there are people out there willing to take the risk with you because they believe you can change, they believe in your inner power to make things better for yourself.  

"inhale your future & exhale your past"

I love you guys immensely. 

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