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Tuesday, 26 November 2013


It's been forever; oh how I've missed this page.
To be honest I didn't really have any ideas that inspired me to write lately until I came across a very good friend called Mr. Television... He is always there for me in times of need and loneliness and I love him to bits!

So whenever I'm with my friends we're always talking about TV shows and it surprises me to know that mostly any of my friends watch the same shows as me, only the odd one or two.

So I've come here today to share with you guys my three most favorite TV shows and to speak a little about them.

Now EVERYONE should know about this one as its the most uplifting, lovable and sing-a-long TV series of all times... Guessed yet!? Yep? That's right, it's...


Well how do I start by explaining Glee? 
It's just totally amazing and manages to get me into an amazing mood after having a rough day or even just a normal day... It puts the cherry on my icing cake all the time. Never seems to disappoint either (other the fact that Finchel could never make their minds up and Britana broke up) 
It is definitely a series you will not want to miss out on.


Others, like me, may also have that mysterious side that no one knows about and LOVE watching drama at full speed constantly and thinking "right I know now secrets get you into trouble"
Yes! That's right... I'm talking about...

Pretty Little Liars

Ain't they all so beautiful ?

Is there anything more mysterious than this series? I think not... Well I know where to go when I want to see drama and the best thing about this TV series is that it keeps you connected at all times as you know the exact same as the four girls in trouble... No where near the truth than they were yesterday... I don't want to spoil this for anyone as it is a fantabulous show, so believe me when I say DON'T MISS OUT, YOU WILL REGRET IT!

"Two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead!"

Finally but no where near the least favorite show differs from the first two a lot. 
Not many people have heard of this show but me and my best friend Patricia totally LOVE this series as its a mixture of romance and gross... Its my most knowledgeable favorite...


Oh Bones and Booth sure do know how to make a murder look really hard to hide... what better team could there exist? They also know how to make gruesomeness look beautiful when their done for the day and cuddled up together on their sofa.  

This show can't really go wrong... You're entertained and learning new things all the time.


I do know not everyone enjoys the same thing all the time and these were just my favorites but I do hope you guys enjoyed.
Leave me comments down below letting me know which TV series you like watching so I can go and check them out when I'm having another Friday evening in. 

Love you guys!


  1. Hi Ana! Discovered your blog via Bloglovin and really love this article. Funny to see that we share the same interests when it comes to tv shows. I'm also a huge Gleek and a great fan of PLL. Can't wait also when both shows are back on tv!

    1. OHMYGOSH! That's so amazing! I have unconditional love for all three tv shows. Hope you continue enjoying what I have to share.
      Much love xoxo

    2. Hi Ana! Sorry for my late reply, just saw your reply, but thanks! Are you also excited for PLL's winter premiere for tomorrow? I CAN'T WAIT!! Send much love back! XOXO PS: Love your blog. Keep doing what you are doing, because it's amazing.

    3. Hey! It's okay. I am really excited; I don't even think excited is the word to explain it.
      Thank you so much; those kind words mean a lot.
      Much love xxx


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